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Water Blog

Tips, Ideas, & Education on Water Quality & Water Treatment

Water Refiners

Many homeowners know what a water softener is, but how many know what a WATER REFINER is. What is a water refiner? The water refinery process is a filter system used to remove impurities and minerals like calcium, magnesium and chlorine from your water. Why Use a...

Hard Water Softeners

Hard water is common in this neck of the woods. In the rural areas surrounding Peterborough, it is common to hear home owners complain about plumbing problems including corroded pipes and washers and dishwashers wearing out before there time. Many of these problems...

Tap Water vs Bottled Water

Still Buying Bottled Water? Save Money and Live Healthy Now Savvy consumers are learning that an investment in a water filtration system can actually save money over buying bottled water. Bottled water is awkward, heavy to cart around, and environmentally unfriendly....

Five Myths About Water Softeners

Soft water can make everyday life much more convenient for many homeowners.  Softer skin, smoother hair, cleaner & shinier silverware and glassware, less soap scum for easier cleaning, softer clothes using less detergent, and prolonged life of appliances are just...