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North Durham EcoWater COVID-19 Policy

1) Our Self-Serve Water Fill Station is open, and we ask customers to adhere to the recommended 6ft / 2m social distancing gap when visiting us. Arrows on the floor mark where to line up before using the fill station. Please wait until the person in front of you has finished filling and carrying out their bottles before beginning to fill yours.

2) The EcoWater Bowmanville office is being disinfected and cleaned multiple times on a daily basis.

3) If you are requesting service to your home, please notify us if:

  • Anyone in the home is feeling unwell at this time
  • Anyone in the home has come into contact with someone that has COVID-19
  • Anyone in the home traveled outside of Ontario in the past two weeks

4) To protect & safeguard our employees, they have the right to refuse to enter any home or business where they feel it is unsafe to do so. We ask customers to respect social distancing rules during the service call and let us know if there is a separate entrance we can use. No cash and checks are being accepted, invoices are left behind and payment can be arranged by credit card, online banking or via e-transfer.

5) All employees must wash their hands as frequently as possible. ALL service calls and installations, gloves must be worn before entering homes. Once installation or service is finished, employees will disinfect the area and equipment with sanitizer.

6) If an employee at any time feels like they have flu/cold-like symptoms or any other illness symptom, they have been asked to stay at home and self-isolate for a minimum of 14 days.