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WHAT is it?

Hard water is 121+ milligrams per litre as calcium carbonate.

HOW does it happen?

When rain falls from the clouds, it is pure. On its way down to earth, it absorbs carbon dioxide and other impurities in the air. As the rain soaks into the earth, it collects more impurities, calcium, magnesium and invisible dissolved rock.

WHO is impacted by hard water?

Truth is…all of us. Municipal water filtration plants remove the impurities and some of the minerals. Those with a well are affected most as your water supply comes straight from the ground.

WHAT are the affects of hard water?

Soap curd is left on dishes, glasses, clothes, our skin and hair. A variety of odors coming from our taps and showers. Funky tasting water. Shortens the life your appliances; coffee makers, kettles, dishwashers and laundry washer Damage to plumbing pipes, taps and toilets, hot water heaters The list goes on.

HOW do I treat this problem?

Using a water softener to treat the water as it enters your home, before it is consumed by your family. There are so many options when it comes to water softeners. Things to consider include; How hard is your water? Are there any other issues that need to be addressed? Sulphur, Iron or Chlorine for example. How much space to you have for the unit? These units can be purchased or rented and are easy to maintain.

WHO can help me?

To experience softer skin and clean smooth hair. To have cleaner, shinier silverware, glassware, mirrors. To preserve the life of your appliances, pipes and fixtures. To use less soap and shampoo. To save money on energy costs and home/appliance maintenance, contact ECOWATER BOMANVILLE. A specialist will test your water and help you choose the best system to accommodate your needs. Book your appointment TODAY by calling ECOWATER BOWMANVILLE at 905.623.8899 or visit our showroom at 6-219 King Street East, Bowmanville Ontario.